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    PC Media Antivirus 1.93 Build 1

    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر
    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر

    رقــــم العضويـــــــــة : 1
    مجموع المشاركــات : 1809
    المزاج : يعني حاجه تمام كده
    تاريـخ التسجيـل : 04/08/2007

    ??????? PC Media Antivirus 1.93 Build 1

    مُساهمة من طرف prince في الأربعاء فبراير 25, 2009 8:08 pm

    PC Media Antivirus 1.93 Build 1
    PCMAV or PC Media Antivirus is one of popular
    antivirus built by PC Media Magazine, an Indonesian based
    Security/Antivirus Magazine. This popular antivirus is effectively used
    for Indonesian origin virus.

    * Added, a database and cleaning virus 67 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia.
    Total 2560 virus with the many outstanding variannya in Indonesia has been known in this version 1.93 by engine internal PCMAV.
    * Added, cleaner engine specifically for the virus variannya with Autoit.
    * Added, engine cleaner khsusus for Recycler virus with a known variannya ability code injection.
    * Corrected, the error information in the file PCMAV.log in the Operating System, khsusunya time PCMAV run on Vista.
    * Corrected, the display information on the percentage of time the process of scanning.
    * Corrected, error detection (false alarm) heuristik on some programs and scripts.
    * Updated, several name changes the virus has found a new variant.
    Repair some minor bugs and improvised code to ensure that internal
    PCMAV Cleaner & PCMAV Realtime Protector more than just ordinary

    Parameters that can be used on PCMAV 1.93

    * / REGSHELL
    To display the "Scan with PCMAV" when right-click the file you want to scan.
    To remove the option "Scan with PCMAV."
    * / FORCE
    PCMAV permit to force clean the infected file.
    * / REGCLEAN
    Try and restore the registry setting "Tools Folder Options" to the default condition.
    * / NOMEM
    No need to scan memory.
    No need to scan at startup PCMAV.
    * / NOUPDATE
    No need to check updates.

    Minimum System Requirements
    Pentium processor, 64 MB RAM , and Windows XP operating system hide

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