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    حصريا لعبه Space Empires: StarFury حجم 130 Mb

    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر
    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر

    رقــــم العضويـــــــــة : 1
    مجموع المشاركــات : 1809
    المزاج : يعني حاجه تمام كده
    تاريـخ التسجيـل : 04/08/2007

    ??? حصريا لعبه Space Empires: StarFury حجم 130 Mb

    مُساهمة من طرف prince في الخميس أغسطس 13, 2009 1:08 pm

    Space Empires: StarFury | 130 Mb

    Starfury is a bold new game which take players, first-person, into the
    Space Empires Universe. Using our all-new real-time 3D rendering
    engine, we’ve recreated the Space Empires universe from a lone ship’s
    As captain of your battle cruiser, you’ll travel
    through solar systems via warp points, explore the galaxy, engage in
    furious space combat, and join in large fleet operations. Starfury
    allows you to completely customize your starship and has a complex ship
    combat model. Multiple campaigns with a vast array of missions will
    challenge you to hold back the forces that threaten your race, and to
    make a little money on the side!

    * 24bit 3D real-time rendered graphics.
    * Support for resolutions 1024Ч768 and up.
    * Freeform structure: Follow the given missions, or perform your own as a merchant, mercenary, or pirate.
    * Detailed ship configuration through components.
    19 different ship styles and 57 ship classes from different races you
    can command. More than 50 starships and starbases to battle!
    * Dozens of star systems for you to explore.
    * A living breathing universe with events happening all over the galaxy.
    * Encounter and battle your favorite races from Space Empires IV in ship to ship combat.
    * Complete game customization allowed by players (”mods”).
    * Discover: Warp Points, Nebulae, Binary Stars, Trinary Stars, Asteroid Belts, Gas Giants, Cosmic Storms, and more!

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