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    MediaMonkey - Final

    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر
    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر

    رقــــم العضويـــــــــة : 1
    مجموع المشاركــات : 1809
    المزاج : يعني حاجه تمام كده
    تاريـخ التسجيـل : 04/08/2007

    ??????? MediaMonkey - Final

    مُساهمة من طرف prince في الجمعة يناير 02, 2009 5:04 pm

    MediaMonkey - Final | Rapidshare | Depositfiles

    Gold is the program, intended for the conduct of base of these musical
    files. This utility allows to collect all musical compositions in a
    single catalogue. MediaMonkey works with the widespread formats of
    musical files: MP3, OGG, WMA, MPC, FLAC, APE. She possesses wide
    possibilities among which it is possible to select followings: support
    of skinov, built-in CD-ripper, CD-burner and converter audio formats. Also it should be noted such possibility of the program, as aligning the volume of compositions. This function is very useful, for example, at the record of musical disks of format of CDA, when tracks play with a different volume.

    Functions of MediaMonkey:
    - Copying of tracks from compact disks,
    - Record of tracks on CD or DVD,
    - Converting of tracks from one format in other.
    - Editing of ID3 of tegov files.
    - Automatic filling of tegov from the text of the name of file or
    from the Internet.
    - Creation of pleylistov.
    - Groupment of compositions on the parameters of tegov in a
    musical manager.
    - Adjusting of volume of the lost tracks.
    - Changeable themes of visual registration.
    - And great deal, other great deal...

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