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    حصري Star Blaze 2 v1.00 Eng كامله للتحميل

    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر
    الــريــــس الــكــبــيــر

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    تاريـخ التسجيـل : 04/08/2007

    ??????? حصري Star Blaze 2 v1.00 Eng كامله للتحميل

    مُساهمة من طرف prince في الأحد أغسطس 02, 2009 5:24 am

    لعبة Star Blaze 2 كاملة للتحميل

    Star Blaze 2 v1.00 Eng | 23MB
    Blaze 2 is a classical "shoot 'em up" style arcade game packed with
    astonishing graphics, breath taking action and incredibly smooth
    gameplay. Pick up numerous power-ups, tune up your engine, upgrade
    firepower and blast your way trough 30 levels of this
    adrenaline-pumping space shooter.

    Defeat more than 80
    enemy types including really nasty bosses and leave a trail of
    destruction experiencing exotic space locations of unreal beauty.

    Game features:
    30 unique game levels, organized into 5 episodes
    More than 80 enemy types to challenge your skills
    Many unique Bosses that will try to ruin your day
    Numerous power-ups to help you survive
    Engine upgrades and variety of weapons to buy and pimp your space ride
    Original atmospheric soundtrack
    And more

    System requirements:
    Windows XP/Vista
    DirectX 8.1
    600 MHz
    128 MB RAM

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    ??????? رد: حصري Star Blaze 2 v1.00 Eng كامله للتحميل

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